Music composed by Alberto de la Rocha
Alberto de la Rocha
Carlos Martín
Iván Palomares
Edy Lan
Manuel García-Baró

Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra
(Up to 83 musicians)
Leading musicians:
Bruce Dukov, concertmaster
Julie Gigante, principal 2nd
Brian Dembow, viola 1st
Stephen Erdody, violoncello 1st
Nico Abondolo, bass 1st
Geri Rotela, flute 1st
Stuart Clark, clarinet 1st
Rose Corrigan, basson 1st
Dave Everson, horn 1st
Dave Washburn, trumpet 1st
Alex Iles, trombone 1st
Doug Tornquist, tuba 1st
Joann Turovsky, harp
Lara Wickes, oboe 1st
Randy Kerber, piano
Wade Culbreath, percussion
Greg Goodall, timpanis & 1st
Don Williams, percussion
Alex Acuña, latin percussion
Dan Higgins, alto sax, 1st
Jeff Driskell, tenor sax, 1st
Greg Huckins, baritone sax, 1st

Pop Singers
Kelly Levesque
Nikki Leonti
Teresa James

Pop Musicians
Vinnie Colaiuta, drummer
Cheche Alara, keyboards
Reggie Hamilton, bass
James Harrah, guitar
Tim Pierce, guitar
Luis Conte, percussion

Synth Programming
Adrian Schinoff

Recording Engineering & Mixer
Rafa Sardina at Afterhours Studios, Woodland Hills, CA

Mastering Engineer
Ron McMaster at Capitol Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Artistic & Executive Producer
Alberto de la Rocha

Orchestra Contractor
Peter Rotter

Vocal Contractor
Jasper Randall

Pop songs recorded at East West Studios and Eastwood Scoring Stage (Warner Bros.)

Instrumental songs recorded at Eastwood Scoring Stage (Warner Bros.)

My deepest thanks to my wife Marisa from whom I receive so much love, encouragement and inspiration I need, my parents and siblings whose love always feel close.

Special thanks to:

Rafa Sardina, for believing in the project from the beginning and get that great sound of the album; Carlos Martin and Ivan Palomares, for taking my project as their own by providing not only notes but also soul into my music; Manuel García Baró, for his mastery of the mambo and swing; Edy Lan for his professionalism and help with scores; Cheche Alara, for his kindness and his genius with pop songs; Kathleen Hagen for her immense talent and sensibility writing lyrics; Kelly Levesque, Nikki Leonti and Teresa James, for bringing to reality the songs that were just in my head, overcoming any dream; Bruce Dukov, Stephen Erdody and all the musicians of the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestra, for giving his gift and sensitivity; Adrian Schinoff for his fabulous talent and friendship; Peter Rotter for giving me the best musicians and female singers; Melody Lisman for her kindness and efficiency with the procedures of recording of the orchestra, Ron McMaster at Capitol Records for that final shine the master; Reggie Hamilton, Tim Pierce, James Harrah, Vinnie Colaiuta, for their amazing skills that do not need explanation; Luis Conte for his humanity and fantastic talent with percussion; Candace Stewart at East West Studios, Tom Thomas Hardisty & Jamie Olvera & Kevin Collier at Warner Bros. Eastwood Scoring Stage Studios, for assisting in the study so that we didn't feel lack of anything; Cristina Abaroa, for their help with the organization of recording, and Francisco Rodriguez for their invaluable help with recording and mixing the album.

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Alberto de la Rocha
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